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J.Crew Introduces Size 000

Vanity Sizing Gone Crazy?

As if vanity sizing hadn't already reached ridiculous proportions, J.Crew has gone and introduced an even smaller size for women to aim for—the 000.

According to an article in Jezebel, the retailer claims it has launched the new size in order to meet a growing demand from the (more petite) Asian market.

Jezebel equates vanity sizing to "the misguided notion that you need to lie to women in order to sell clothing."

The YMC crew was simply mystified by a change that will no doubt make shopping that much more confusing—not to mention time-consuming—for women who never know what size they actually are. 

The discrepancy in sizing across various retailers points to the more pressing need for standardized sizing based on actual measurements rather than some arbitrary number dreamed up by the retailer.

What do you think of the new size 000?

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