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What Beautiful Looks Like In 25 Countries

Beauty lies in the eye of the editor

What does a beautiful woman look like? Depends whom—and where—you ask. When reporter Esther Honig bravely offered up a photo of herself to 40 photo editors in 25 countries on the site Fiverr, little did she know the results would be so varied.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, as part of a collection called 'Before & After' Honig saw herself transformed through the cultural lens. The most radical transformation, possibly, came from Morocco, which cloaked Honig in a Hijab.

"For me it really added depth to my project by touching on the concept of religion and custom, not just aesthetics," said Honig.

Add or delete makeup, lighten or darken skin tone, reshape eyebrows... Honig saw her facial features modified in a way that sometimes "made me shriek."

The US's version looks vaguely supernatural, like something out of the Twilight saga. My personal preference is for the more natural take by Venezuela.

So beauty, it seems, truly resides in the eye of the editor.

Is Photoshop, and other editing software, a revolutionary tool for "[dispelling] the myth of a singular beauty norm"?

Which rendition of Honig most resonates with your own ideals of beauty? Does that ideal coincide with your home nation?