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Goose Attack Lands Cyclist In Hospital

Don't Mess with mother goose

A cyclist suffered facial injuries and a concussion after being attacked by a Canada goose.

According to an article in the CBC, Kerry Surman was riding along the Trans Canada bike trail in Ottawa when she encountered a family of geese. 

Assuming the path was clear, Surman continued along her way.

"What I remember is the goose giving me the evil eye and then the goose wrapping its wings around my head, and I can't see and I hear myself screaming." 

Like a scene out of Hitchcock, Surman then found herself on the ground, unable to get up. She wasn't sure how long she was unconscious. Eventually a passerby called an ambulance.

Surman spent a total of five nights in hospital after the attack left her with a "concussion, fractured cheekbone, face lacerations including a scar under her eyebrow and loose teeth."

While the incident gave her a "healthy respect for nature," Surman admits her injuries could have been much worse had she not been wearing a helmet and sunglasses. 

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources recommends exercising caution, particularly with children, around geese. If threatened, these birds can be highly aggressive.

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