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Mom Wears Daughter's 'Short' Dress To Graduation

Much ado about dress codes

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If you can't beat 'em, dress like them? In a delectable show of allegiance with her teenager, Violet Burkhart, Amy Redwine wore her daughter's dress—the same dress that supposedly violated the school's dress code—to her graduation ceremony. 

According to an article in Buzzfeed, North Carolina's Central Davidson High School sent the senior home on the last day of classes for wearing a dress it deemed too short, even though Violet had worn it to school before without incident. 
“If I thought this dress was inappropriate, I would have never allowed her to wear the dress,” said Redwine. “I’m going to wear it in front of everybody and be proud just like she should have been able to on her last day.”
You wore it well, Mom. You wore it well...
What do you think about all the recent fuss over school dress codes? Arbitrary or absolutely essential?
Did this school go too far to enforce its dress code?