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Born In The Wild: Would You Watch This Reality Show?

Women To Give Birth 'In The Wild' On New Reality TV Show

birth in nature

Just when you think reality TV has hit rock bottom, a new series comes along and makes you rethink that premise. In this case Lifetime network's latest offering, Born in the Wild, will see women giving birth in the great outdoors with little more than a yoga mat on hand.

According to an article in the Daily Mail, the show took its cues from the YouTube video by 'Birthinnature'—in which a woman gives birth "in a tropical creek"—that racked up 20 million views since February.

My son entered the world via a birthing pool, so I am all in favour of minimizing medical intervention when it comes to labour. However, I tend to be in agreement with critics who fear that the show could spark a potentially dangerous trend.

While the women on the show will have behind-the-scenes assistance available at the drop of the hat if they need it, real women won't.

"We’re taking extreme precautions to make sure the mothers and the babies are safe," said Lifetime's senior VP, Eli Lehrer. "Our presence at these births is going to make them far safer than if they were doing it on their own."

Of course the show has 'hit' written all over it. After all, there is a voyeuristic, oddly sadistic pleasure to be had in watching people struggle (witness the success of Survivor) on reality shows.

What do you think of 'Born in the Wild'? Would you watch?

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