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#YesAllWomen Rallies Against Elliott Rodger's Misogyny

PUA Site Claims "more people will die unless you give men sexual options"

yesallwomen and PUA website

There have been many responses to recent Santa Barbara massacre, in which Elliott Rodger killed six people and himself, but the one by a Pick-Up Artist (PUA) website may be the most unfortunate.

In a post called 'The Return of Kings,' author ‘Roosh’ explains that Rodger wouldn't have resorted to violence against women had he simply been better schooled in the art of seduction, or 'game' as it's known.

According to an article in Raw Story, Roosh blames the ideologies of American culture and media for the murders committed by Rodger, and predicts that "more people will die unless you give men sexual options.” (By which he means removing the social stigma surrounding prostitution, etc.)

If only Rodger had subscribed to the PUA techniques, all this tragedy could have been avoided. Really? Ugh.

Such thinking is as twisted as the manifesto, 'My Twisted World' written by Rodger, chronicling his hatred for women and contempt for the men who manage to bed them.

No wonder women and men alike took to Twitter's #YesAllWomen hashtag in droves to counter Rodger's misogyny.

Some of the most powerful tweets, courtesy of an article in Global:

Mary Beth Williams @embeedub
"Because we tell women they're "stuck up" when they avoid that "nice guy" who seems like a misogynist psychopath. #YesAllWomen"

Rev. J.F. Crawford @TheMissionalist
Because we teach little girls that the reason why Johnny was mean to you is "because he likes you." #YesAllWomen

Lexi Alexander @Lexialex
Very proud of most of my male twitter friends who understand that #yesallwomen is not a women vs. men but a good vs. evil movement.

There is no doubt that Rodger was chronically lonely and awkward. But it is a vast leap from awkward to the kind of pathology that drives someone to commit murder. And that pathology has precious little to do with having—or not having—'game.'

What do you think of Roosh's comments?

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