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New York Post Takes Shot At 'Kimye': Cruel or Comical?

What do you think of the New York Post’s announcement?

kanye west wedding

Have you read the New York Post's announcement of the Kanye West and Kim Kardashian nuptials this past weekend? Well, it begins with "Two jackasses got married in Italy Saturday..." and carries on in the same vein (courtesy of Mashable).

The Post makes no secret of its unflattering views about one of the most famous showbiz unions, Kimye. 
Admittedly, the paper's snark is funny and refreshing amidst all the tabloid coverage of an event most lay people couldn't give a toss about. 
However, is publicly describing any celebrity as a "sex-tape star" and an "egotist" respectively fair game or does it border on libellous?  
Regardless of your opinion on Kim and Kanye, do they deserve more respect in the media?