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The 'World's Ugliest Woman' Wants You To Look At Her

I want to be the protector of those who think it won’t get better

the lizzie project

The world's "ugliest woman" wants you to look at her. Following her inspirational TED Talk in December 2013, Lizzie Velasquez plans to share her remarkable story of loving herself in spite of her appearance in a full-length documentary.

“I know what it is to be bullied and what is to be bullied online, and I want to be the protector of those who think it won’t get better,” said 25-year-old Velasquez, whose rare medical condition prevents her from gaining weight.

Blind in one eye, the Texan is a 64-pound superstar, who has penned self-help books and been interviewed by Katie Couric and ABC’s The View.

At 17, after viewing a comment about her saying, "Do the world a favour and put a gun to your head," Velasquez rose up and became stronger. She chose to view her condition as an opportunity, not a death sentence.

“Instead of just taking shelter of my tears, I chose to be happy and realize this syndrome is not a problem but a blessing that allows me to improve myself and inspire other people,” said Velasquez in an article in Global.

The rarity of Velazquez's condition is matched only by her resilience. She credits her positive outlook on her family's unconditional love and support.

'The Lizzie Project' is seeking to raise funds via Kickstarter. With $123,000 of the target $180,000 reached, the campaign ends May 31.

Help Lizzie Velazquez tell her incredible story.

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