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Bus Driver's Spontaneous Kindness Blows Away Social Media

bus driver kindness

When so much news is bad news, random acts of kindness still manage to stand out and take social media by surprise. The latest involved a Swedish driver, who made an unannounced stop while his bus was packed. 

According to an article in Viral Noval, André Grandin didn't think twice when he pulled over and hopped off the bus he was driving when he spotted a girl crying by the side of the road. 

Grandin went to comfort 10-year-old Emilia Behrendtz, then returned to his bus “without a word” of explanation.  

Apparently Emilia was upset due to bullying from other kids. 

One of the passengers, Emma Gustaffsson, caught the tender exchange on camera. The image has enjoyed some 50,000 interactions on social media, and led strangers to send flowers to Grandin.

The driver shrugged off all the attention, claiming it's just "in his nature" to get involved when he sees someone upset or hurt. 

Was this an average or extraordinary gesture?

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