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Should Schools Suspend Teens For Wearing Short Shorts?

Apparently the problem wasn't with the shorts, but the reaction—and distraction—it may provoke in the opposite sex

A Nova Scotia teen was threatened with suspension for wearing jean shorts to school. Makayla King's mother, Julia Davison, who feels there is nothing wrong with her daughter's attire, has launched an online petition to get the school to rethink its dress policy.

"Her shorts are modest, they're normal length, they're not ripped, they're not torn, they're not too low on the waist," said Davison. "Nothing's showing that shouldn't be showing." 

According to an article in CBC, the petition supporting the Grade 8 student has so far accumulated more than 5,200 signatures.

As in the case of the Virginia teen, whose dress led her to be kicked out of prom, the problem wasn't with the wardrobe, but the reaction—and distraction—it may provoke in the opposite sex. 

In both cases, young women are being held accountable for the thoughts and desires of young men. 

In both cases, the schools used the "finger-length rule" when determining a reasonable length for skirts and shorts. (Yet, at least in the case of the prom student, who was 5'9", the short-looking dress fully complied with length requirements.) 

Davison is calling on Truro Junior High School to set up and clearly delineate a reasonable dress code for all of its students. 

"It's not really fair the girls can't wear their shorts during the summer when it's hot out and the guys have the option to," said Makayla. " . . . It's not fair to make us have to stay in jeans all school year."

Do schools need dress codes? Or should boys simply be taught to respect girls, regardless of what they happen to be wearing?

Girls were fighting for the right to wear this beloved piece of clothing.