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Having A Baby Permanently Alters Your Brain: Study

This is your brain on motherhood

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Science has finally corroborated what moms everywhere have known for a long time: giving birth changes you. According to an article in CBC, a neuroscientist from the University of British Columbia has discovered that women who have kids are exposed to "different health risks" than those who do not.

While a new mom's heart may feel like it has swelled to bursting, her brain—paradoxically—has actually shrunk. By a precious eight percent. So says UBC psychology professor, Liisa Galea. 

Not only that, but the shrinkage apparently has repercussions for mothers, such as reacting differently to meds than women who haven't given birth. A differential, says Galea, that would benefit from a medical approach other than the current one-prescription-fits-all. 

On the plus side, women who've given birth have added protection against breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancers.

So it seems mommy brain really is a thing. Explains a lot, doesn't it?

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