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Toronto Library Urged To Ban Beloved Dr. Seuss Book

Does Hop on Pop Promote Violence against Dads?

hop on pop

What's not to love about Dr. Seuss? Anyone who grew up loving the classic gibberish of the Grinch may be bemused to discover that the Toronto Public Library is being urged to ban one of the author's famous picture books—a 1963 version of Hop on Pop

According to an article in the Star, a complaint has been lodged against the book, which some patrons claim "encourages children to take a pop at dad." Violence against fathers? 

Apparently, the book is a firm favourite of former U.S. First Lady Laura Bush (which begs the question: were the Bush girls rough with dear old dad, George W.?).

The library must weigh up similar ban requests for around seven books, which is a modest figure given the tally of loaned items last year—32 million.

Another children's book, Lizzy’s Lion, by Canadian author Dennis Lee, is being contested because a reader found the part where the lion eats a robber as “violent and disturbing.”

Are the allegations against Hop on Pop ludicrous or legitimate?

Tens of thousands rallied to get this book banned for sale on Amazon.