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Emma Stone Calls Out Spidey's Sexist Comment

Charming the Internet Yet Again

spiderman interview

Move over J-Law, Emma Stone is Hollywood's latest sweetheart and feminist defender. When she isn't slamming Jimmy Fallon in an epic lip synch battle, she is calling out sexist blather whenever she hears it. 

According to an article in Upworthy, Stone has been busy promoting the latest Spider-Man instalment. When asked where Spidey got his costume, Stone's co-star Andrew Garfield claims the superhero made a very masculine costume by very feminine means (sewing).

Quick on the uptake, Stone asks why sewing should be perceived as a feminine activity. 

Watch as Garfield tries in his own way to squirm out of an awkward moment. Unfortunately, Jamie Foxx comes to his rescue with some comic relief. 

Could she have picked a better lip synching anthem than "All I do is Win"? We think not. Yes, Emma Stone is everything right now. 

This cool lady showed Fallon a few fancy moves.