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Mom Doles Out Unorthodox Punishment

Congratulations—You're Grounded!

grounded charts

Still discipling your kids by sending them to their room or by removing privileges? How's that working out for you?

When it comes to punishment, one mom's stroke of ingenuity kills two birds with one stone. Or, rather, cleans the house with one grounding. 

According to an article in Huffington Post, a blogger known as Lynette created a point system in which her kids must perform household chores in order to work off their punishment. For instance, loading the dishwasher earns 40 points, while emptying it only earns 25.

A total of 500 points get the said kid ungrounded. There are no time restrictions, and her son managed to score all of his points in a single day. 

The system is clearly working or Lynette, who at some point came up with the brainwave to use her children's misbehaviour "to her advantage." 

Household chores are great for teaching kids responsibility and accountability, but should they be used as a punishment?
Was this mom's punishment too harsh or right on the money?