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Child Protection Agency Drives Home Hard Parenting Message

Little Monkeys See, Little Monkeys Do

children copy their parents

Monkey see, monkey do. That's what we say about children. And this cautionary video (courtesy of the Huffington Post), created by Australia's National Child Protection Clearing House (NAPCAN), will really drive the message home. 

NAPCAN calls to light one of the country's "most significant social problems"—child abuse and neglect.

Unfortunately, much of the behaviour being mimicked in "Children See Children Do" shows parents at their worst moments—smoking and littering and getting all road ragey.

Its brevity belies the intensity of the message. None of us is perfect. But be mindful of what you say and what you do. Chances are, a little monkey is watching . . .

A must-watch video that may keep your little monkey safe from harm.