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If The Wolf Of Wall Street Were A She... A Gender Reversal

It's a Howler

wolf on wall street

Have you seen Martin Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street? Apparently of all the movies up for Best Picture at last night's Oscars, Wolf had critics most divided. And not for the record number of f-bombs dropped, but for the record number of "grotesque" sexist and chauvinistic portrayals of women—so much so that Los Angeles writer Nicole Donadio took it upon herself to flip the roles.

In her 'she wolf' version of the trailer, Donadio plays the part of Leo DiCaprio, delighting in objectifying men in a gender swap of the original preview (courtesy of Slate).

"There’s hardly a woman in The Wolf of Wall Street—at least those who are white, and over the age of consent—who the movie isn’t eager to offer up for our consumption, carefully manicured pubic hair on full display," wrote Alyssa Rosenberg.

In her essay, Rosenberg raised an interesting question: Is the depiction of a shady act or character synonymous with complicity? Is Scorsese as guilty of objectification as his subject, Jordan Belfort?

What's your take on the Wolf and the gender-swapping trailer?

Another gender bender of a sexist song that made us go hmm...