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Dad Photoshops Baby In Whimsical Scenes

photographer dad photoshops baby

Hands up who's thoroughly 'done' with digitally altered magazines! This series of a Swedish toddler has me converted: surely this is what Photoshop was made for...

Little blue-eyed Signhild Nyström has long been the muse of her dad Emil. According to an article in Today, the 26-year-old advertising photographer had clearly had great fun experimenting with his now-two-year-old daughter, and credits her for giving "my crazy ideas life in photos.” 

Sometimes he throws his wife Isabelle and seven-month-old daughter Hilma into the scene, too.    

The results is Anne Geddes meets Gerber babies brought to magical life in all their gooey, rolly poly glory. Love!

Which photo is your favourite? I confess to a soft spot for Tinkerbaby, though the hostage birthday party brought a smile to my lips, too. 

The black magic of Photoshop—an industry's dirty tricks, revealed.