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Dad Discovers Son's Incredible Secret Hobby

He doesn’t have my prejudice and paranoia

boy and dogs

For two weeks, a young Filipino took off walking in his village, armed only with a backpack. One day his father finally decided to accompany his son to see just what he was up to. Was he getting into mischief? 

The answer could not have been more touching or surprising. According to an article in the UK Metro, the boy had been caring for a pack of stray dogs that were sick and starving.

Though the father, at first, admitted to being "disgusted" by the dogs—which appeared to be have a parasitic infection known as mange—he grew to admire his son's dedication and compassion.

"He doesn’t have my prejudice and paranoia I guess," said the father, Reddit user i_believe_in_pizza. "I was blown away when I saw that little zombie pup do a hi-five again and again."

His son has been cautious to "disinfect himself" after any dealings with the animals. His father has now joined the crusade, happily supplying food, while looking to treat and eventually re-home the dogs.

They say you can tell a lot about a person by how they interact with animals. And I believe it. When this young dog whisperer grows up, he hopes to open his own animal shelter.

Meet another world champion when it comes to the canine set.