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Six-Year-Old Pens Brilliant Letter To Taxman

If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet...

letter to taxman

Anyone ever driven to despair by the tax and revenue office, or by those in high towers who seem to delight in binding your hands in red tape, this one is for you. 

When faced with the galling response of the IRS, who refused to deal with anyone other than her six-year-old, one mom decided to oblige. 

Her son picked up a crayon and wrote this classic response in his own hand (courtesy of Elite Daily):

“Dear Taxman.

I got your letter. I am now 6 years old. It is ok if you talk to my mommy Susan F. Smith about my tax papers until I am 18.

- Paulie Smith”

I can relate, having battled a good part of a year to prove that I was, in fact, still my son's mother for a given tax year. 

Got any classic revenue office stories you'd care to share? Spill it.

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