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School Offers Free Valentine's Day Babysitting

dates are important and vital for relationships

valentine dinner

A school in P.E.I. might see a boom in enrolment after offering free babysitting to parents whose children attend the Summerside-based school.

According to an article in CBC, the Global Montessori School is opening its doors to pupils and their siblings between 5:30 and 8 p.m., so their parents can enjoy a date night together. For free.

“You know I understand how dates are important and vital for relationships and kids benefit when their parents have an opportunity to get away because some of them don't get an opportunity," said Global staffer, Kim Ellsworth. "They might not have family members or babysitters lined up, so they don't really partake in those things. It is sort of our gift to them."  

And it's not a shabby deal for the kids, eithera chance to wear pyjamas and eat pizza.

School admins, perk up your ears. Happy parents are better parents, right? Right.

Happy love day, everyone! What are your Valentine's Day plans?

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