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Woman Triumphs In Steaming Case Against Tim Hortons

a potentially dangerous product

tim hortons lawsuit

Hard to believe, but that woman who burnt her mouth from a steaming Tim Hortons soup not only had her case tried in the Superior Court, but she won—$69,455 in damages.

According to an article in the National Post, 58-year-old Lucie Laflamme's life was forever changed when she ordered a cream of potato soup back in 1998.

She eventually sued Timmies for the ensuing physical and mental anguish that culminated in a loss of taste, and depression. She claimed she was unable to work as a result.

Prior to 2004, the franchise wasn't so meticulous about regulating temperatures of hot liquids. Since then, Tims has kept four-hourly records of soup temperatures.

The judge in the case, Judge Mark Peacock, maintained that the restaurant had a duty of care to inform the customer that the soup was a “potentially dangerous product.”

In the end, the Judge awarded Laflamme a total of more than $69,000 for her ordeal.

What do you think of this verdict: fair or far fetched?