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Young Girls List 30 Requirements For Future Boyfriend

The New Rules

boyfriend rules

With Valentine's Day around the corner, singletons may be rewriting a list of qualities they are looking for in a prospective partner. They could do worse than asking six-year-old Blaire and nine-year-old Brooke what makes good boyfriend material. 

Without further ado, I give you the new rules of dating—no less than 30 prerequisites the girls have set out for their future boyfriends, presumably not in order of importance (courtesy of Elite Daily):

1. nice hand writing

2. cutness

3. likes parents

4. not living with parents

5. good maners

6. good artist

7. dresses well

8. takes you to nice places

9. nice place

10. likes children/wants children

11. nice jewlery

12. listens

13. don’t pick your nose

14. no kissing on first date

15. marry some one who respects you

16. smart

17. good cook

18. has a good job

19.  always happy

20.  clean

21. respect diffrent religens

22. last name not weird

23. very fun

24. makes you laugh

25. eats healthy

26. takes care of body

27. doesn’t tatle tale

28. brushes teeth and floss

29. likes YOUR job

30. take care of pet

Aside from the somewhat worrying fact that girls this young are already thinking about boys in boyfriend terms, Brooke and Blaire have kind of nailed it. 

While some items are sweet and laughable (#4, #13, #27), others show that the girls have their priorities in the right place (#15, #21, #30). 

So, how does Blaire's celebrity crush, Justin Bieber, figure? Does he tick the right boyfriend boxes? Brooke wishes her friend would set her sights higher than Bieber, on someone who's "not always getting in trouble.” Love!
Have the girls missed out anything crucial? 
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