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Is This Proof That No Baby Is "Too Young To Love"?

Family Heals Through Photographs With Dying Infant

family heals after stillbirth

Losing a child is devastating—at any age. One family has released images of their newborn Walter Joshua Fretz, who died just minutes after he was born, having only been carried to 19 weeks. The family shared these images (via Viral Nova) not only to help them and others deal with a similar loss, but to illustrate just how precious and miraculous life is. Proof that no baby is "too young to love."

People from all over have contacted Walter's mother, claiming they were touched by his story. He also serves as a pertinent reminder that a fetus is not just "a blob of cells"a fact we often lose sight of when we can't see what is developing inside of our bodies.

Controversially, Walter's mother allowed her daughters to hold and be photographed with their baby brother, even as they heard the awful truthWalter was dead. This famous family also captured images to remember their lost child.

Heartbreaking as it is, can holding or photographing a dying baby help a family grieve together?