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Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI, Drag Racing

The Bieb's Epic Fall from grace

justin bieber dui mugshot

The downfall of our Canadian pop idol, Justin Bieber, is all over media outlets today. Though not surprising, Bieber's arrest in Miami on charges of driving under the influence (DUI), drag racing, and driving with an expired license is just the culmination in a long line of antisocial offences.

According to an article in Global, Bieber smiled for his mugshot, looking unperturbed by the $2,500 bail after he was caught driving a rented yellow Lamborghini at twice the speed limit. 

Biebs, who was apparently entertaining a female in the passenger seat, had been racing a Ferrari driven by rapper Khalil Sharief, also charged with DUI.

Police claimed Bieber was incoherent and belligerent when he was pulled over.

This follows a string of headlines, from drugs possession in his recently raided home to pelting a neighbour's place with eggs.

I have been tough on Bieber in the past, but frankly his brat-boy behaviour is so cliche, it hurts. Along with our own infamous Mayor, Biebs has become a national laughing stock. 
But it seems the love affair may finally be over. Fans aren't "beliebing" as fervently as they used to, with concert tickets failing to shift for the singer's Australian tour.  
Do you feel sorry for Bieber, who has obviously struggled to cope with his fame, or did he bring about his own downfall?