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American Apparel Mannequins' Brave Pubic Hair

How do you feel about this?

mannequins with pubic hair

Is American Apparel onto something with their new hairy mannequins? Is it safe to say the bush is officially back in fashion? Cameron Diaz is a fan. In her new book, she embraces pubic hair and urges us to leave well alone. 

If it's good enough for Cameron . . .
According to an article in the Huffington Post, shock retailers, American Apparel, enjoyed provoking New Yorkers with its latest mannequins, whose dark bushes glimpse through sheer underwear. 
When it comes to hair down under, women are divided. While some prefer to go hairless, others resent having to wax/shave or even laser it away forever. There's the inconvenience, not to mention the pain.
For many people—Caitlin Moran included—pubic hair is about so much more than hair; it's a political, feminist issue. 
Are the mannequins sexy? That's what American Apparel seems to be driving at with this Valentine's Day push.

To hair or not to hair? That's the question.