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Deaf NFL Fullback Stars In Inspirational Ad

Trust your power

deaf nfl seahawk

The fact that it's a Duracell battery endorsement notwithstanding, the commercial that tells the story, in Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman's own words, is incredible and inspirational.

As the first deaf offensive player to ever play in the NFL, Coleman recalls the ups and downs of his career, and how persistence really paid off for him: 

"They gave up on me. Told me I should just quit," he says in the commercial. "But I've been deaf since I was three, so I didn't listen. And now I'm here . . . with lots of fans cheering me on, and I can hear them all."

According to an article in USA Today, Coleman failed to make the draft in 2012 after his time at UCLA.

He amply made up for it in his first game with the Seahawks this seasonwith three catches for 30 yards and a touchdown pass against the Saints.