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Daddy Blogger Fires Back At Critics

Time to Put on your big boy shorts

daddy blogger doing childs hair

Ever heard of Doyin Richards? A while back a photo of the blogger simultaneously caring for his two little girls was splashed around social media sites. A man multitasking. Yes, it happens—yet the internet went berserk.

According to an article in Gawker, 39-year-old Richards, who took a month's paternity leave to care for his girls, wanted to prove to his wife that he could do their three-year-old daughter's hair while simultaneously wearing their baby in a BabyBjörn carrier.

The image originally appeared on his blog, Daddy Doin' Work: Adventures of a First-Time Father Raising His Daughters, and later went viral. That's when the dissenters came out of the woodwork.

Cue the ignoramuses questioning Richard's paternity (his wife Mariko is part white, party Japanese), and perpetuating a whole load of BS racial stereotypes in the process:

"He probably rented those kids," said a commenter. "They don't even look like him."

"OK buddy, cute picture," said another. "Now why don't you hand the children back to their mom so you can go back to selling drugs or your bootleg rap CDs?"

And "So do you do this for all of your illegitimate kids?"

Ouch. But to his credit, Richards responded with incredible finesse.

"Why don't you put big boy shorts on and get in on the revolution of good fathers?" he wrote. "It's not a good look to tear down dads for doing the work your wives wished you were man enough to do on your own. If you don't believe me, just ask your spouses. They'll tell you. But don't worry. I'll still be here whenever you're ready to step your game up and join #TeamGrownAssMan."

Here at YMC, we're breaking out the cheerleading outfits. Check out the clip below, in which guys dish on what it's really like to be a modern dad. Go Team!