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Are These The Sexiest Underwear Ever?

OhMiBod: Getting your Knickers in a twist


Tech has come so far, so fast, hasn't it? Where we used to be dazzled with our VCRs and microwave ovens, these days our gadgets are becoming increasingly personal—and ridiculous. And what good are they if they don't help us achieve some private nirvana?

Ladies, I present to you a pair of undies that will do for you what Victoria Secret never could. According to an article in the Huffington Post, the sex toy company OhMiBod has designed an "embeddable vibrator that fits snuggly into underwear."

Of course, this has been done before, but not by Bluetooth. These frilly numbers will allow your partner—real or virtual—to rock your world via an app on their smartphone.

A certain scene from Fifty Shades the book springs to mind. (Let's maybe agree not to wear these when you are scheduled to visit the in-laws, unless you like to live on the wild side, whereby your very own Mr. Grey can control the speed and intensity of your good vibrations and look like he's innocently firing off a quick text.) 

The drawback? For now, your "controller" has to be within a set rangeunfortunate news for long-distance romances. 

No word yet as to cost, but the knickers guaranteed to get you in a twist will likely be on the market within the year.