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Old Spice Commercial Pokes Fun At Clingy Moms

He's Leaving home, bye bye...

old spice mom song commercial

Have you seen the latest Old Spice commercial everyone seems to be talking about? It lambastes moms who struggle to let go of their grown sons. Depending on which team you find yourself, the ad is either freaking hilarious or disturbing.

According to an article in Today, the men's deodorant commercial has already enjoyed close to one million views since going live on January 3rd. Clingy moms variously lose the plot as they sing about losing their grown boys to girlfriends, to manhood itself. 

One of the stalker moms is even—SPOILER—seen riding the bumper of her son's car as it drives away. 

Testament to a mom's unwavering love, or has mom gone deranged? You tell us.

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