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Film Buff Parents Recreate Iconic Scenes With Baby

The Cardboard box office

cardboard office

When you have an infant at home, you don't get out a lot. One Australian couple decided to get creative with their cabin fever. Film buffs Leon and Lilly Mackie staged scenes from blockbusters featuring their 10-month-old son, Orson.

According to an article in the Evening Standard, it all kicked off after the 31-year-olds replicated a moment from The Life Aquatic:
"It started off as a one-off photo where we wanted to depict the mess and sleep deprivation of being new parents," said children's book designer, Mr Mackie.

But once the couple posted the photo online, their fan base grew exponentially, and the Cardboard Box Office was born. Requests came in thick and fast for the Mackies to create further sets. And they obliged, delightfully spoofing scenes from Star Wars, Jaws, and Die Hard.

"[Fans] just starting suggesting different movies we could do. Seeing as we had a lot housebound weekends in front of us, we thought 'why not', and it went from there."

Of course, Orson remains blissfully unaware of his growing stardom, not to mention of his luck at having such cool, crafty parents. 

"We're not sure how long we will do this for," said Mr Mackie. "It's up to [Orson] really. One Saturday he will turn to us and say 'you know what, I'm bored of this now'."
Hey crafty parents: what was your most creative and ambitious project? Spill it.