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Father Recreates Bittersweet Wedding Photos With Daughter

Worth a thousand words...

wedding picture recreation

Got your tissues at the ready? You will need an entire BOX after you see these photos. At first glance the shots of a husband and his new bride juxtaposed with those of a father and his young daughter are simply heartwarming. Then you find out that Ben Nunery lost his wife Ali two years ago to a lung cancer, and—boom—you have all the makings of a Nicolas Sparks plot. 

According to an article in Buzzfeed, Ben replicated the poses he and his late wife took four-and-a-half years ago on moving day (which happened to be the day before their wedding) with his daughter Olivia. 
Ben's sister-photographer, Melanie Pace, took both sets of jaw-achingly beautiful images, when the time came for the Nunerys to move house again, with his daughter:

"On Friday Ben handed over the keys and drove away from the house that holds so many unforgettable memories," Pace wrote on her blog. "The place where you can literally feel my sister’s presence the second you step in the door. Heck, she poured herself into making that place their home and every inch of it was perfection, who am I kidding?"
Does your heart hurt yet? Hope your mascara is waterproof...
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