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'Christmas Jammies' Video Goes Viral

Shameless Self-Promotion or Simple Holiday Fun?

xmas jammies

R.I.P. to greetings cards. That tradition is good as buried and in its place, of course, is the digital kind. But the Holderness family wasn't content with an animated e-card. No, the North Carolina family made a rap video called "Xmas Jammies." 

According to an article in the Huffington Post, the video features the Holdernesses decked out in matching PJs and rapping to the tune of Will Smith's "Miami."
In typical holiday greeting fashion, the family raps out a checklist of each family member's bragging rights for the past year. The video is sometimes cringe-worthy (Hey, dad announces, I had a vasectomy!) and a touch vain and self-congratulatory (Hey, look at my prodigy daughter, and did you know mom had a role in a Hollywood film—aren't we just the coolest?). 

While I like how the family has the 'jingles' to publicly dance around in their striped PJs, the video is little more than a marketing ploy created to launch the couple's new business venture. 

Annoyingly, the stunt appears to have worked; "Xmas Jammies" has duly gone viral on the Net and is making the rounds on Good Morning America and Fox and Friends. 

What do you think of the Holderness video: incredibly cute or incredibly cloying?
My vote is the latter. Jammies feels too staged and crafted, whereas this endearing and kooky video wins Christmas, no contest.