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Little Girl Signs For Deaf Parents During School Concert

The Real Mccoy

girl signing at concert for deaf parents

Have you heard about that sign interpreter? No, no... Not the one at Nelson Mandela's memorial, who practically made it up as he went along. I mean this little rock star right here, who signed her way through various Christmas carols at her kindergarten concert so her deaf parents wouldn't miss a beat.

Needless to say, mom Lori Koch was insanely proud of her daughter. Seriously. My kindergartener can sign exactly two words—'cat' and 'dog'—so it boggles the mind to see this little girl signing this fluidly.

Check out her gorgeous and kooky performance, courtesy of Gawker. If this video doesn't give you warm fuzzies on this grinchy winter's day, nothing will. 

As for blondie... I expect the UN will be banging down her door before her next birthday rolls around. It's so hard to find a good interpreter these days!