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Call To Ban Child Abuse Book From Amazon

More than 800,000 copies sold

train up a child

What does Amazon have to do with child abuse? You may be unpleasantly surprised. What's even worse than the fact that there is a how-to manual promoting the physical abuse of children, is the fact that the book is being willingly sold by the online retailer.

The press release recalls the case of Carri Williams, who methodically starved and beat her daughter Hanna, leaving her to die in the cold. And what did Williams credit as her inspiration? A book called "To Train Up a Child," which she gladly distributed among friends. (This mom was certainly creative in her choice of punishment; I wonder if this mom had a copy.)

While it's too late to save Hanna and others like her, you can stop this vile book—which allegedly details "how to hit children as young as 4 months old with PVC pipes, rulers and sticks"—from being marketed and sold via the book giant. Disturbingly, the book has already sold 800,000 copies, even though its content doesn't adhere to Amazon's own guidelines.

While I'm a firm believer in free speech, I draw the line when that freedom promotes hurting and abusing people, especially children.

Please set aside a minute of your day and add your voice to the over 120,000 signatures collected in this petition. It may be the most important minute of your week.