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Napping Toddler and Pup Light Up Instagram

The Power of Puppy love

Forget about dogs being a man's BFF. Photos of a toddler curled up asleep next to the family pup, a rescue named Theo, have been clutching the heart strings of web-surfers. And we guarantee you won't be immune, either.

According to an article in Elite Daily, mom-of-three Jessica Shyba chose the most timid of the litter when she visited a local shelter to find a pet for her kids. But that didn't stop Big Bird (as he was known at the shelter) from crawling into the lap of Beau, Shyba's son. 

“The look on his little furry face was enough to seal the deal for me," she wrote on her blog, "we had met our newest family member.”

And it's been a match made in canine heaven ever since, as the pair curls up for their daily two-hour sojourns to Nod Land together. The peaceful bond has been lovingly captured in reams of Instagram shots on Shyba's account

Witness for yourself the power of puppy love. Or as Shyba calls it: “the most organic and beautiful friendship I have ever witnessed.” And who can forget this story about an amazing dog-child connection? 

Forgive me for gushing. I am fresh from visiting my own 4-week-old fur baby. If she looks half as cute nuzzled up with my five year old as this pair, she can chew all the shoes she wants.


Photo: From Momma's Gone City. Used with permission.