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WATCH: Homeless Veteran Transformed in Time-Lapse Video

A Makeover like no other

veteren before and after

Don't judge a man by his appearance. A U.S. veteran has undergone a makeover like no other. Jim Wolf, who has wrestled with alcoholism and homelessness, was transformed in a jaw-dropping time-lapse video inspired by Dove's “Evolution” ad campaign.

According to an article in Global News, Wolf was groomed by the non-profit org, Degage Ministries. The clothes don't make the man, but it's incredible how a little care on the outside can bolster the confidence and well being inside.

“We all have an image of ourselves,” said Degage's executive director Marge Palmerlee. “When he saw the difference, he just … felt very enlightened and uplifted. I could just tell the difference in Jim.”

The filmmaker behind the remarkable video, Rob Bliss, aimed to challenge preconceptions about the homeless. Since the video was shot in September, Wolf has been attending Alcoholic Anonymous and has plans to move into his own apartment.

This video reminds me of a totally unrelated documentary I recently saw about salon owners who offered free services once a month to women with cancer. 

Wouldn't it be awesome if salons were to offer the same service every now and then to those living rough? I'm not so naive to think the issue of homelessness can be solved with fresh clothes and a neat haircut, but it's a start. And it helps.