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Couple Delivers Hip Hop Birth Announcement

Got a Bun in the oven, and we're overjoyed

rap birth announcement

How did you break the news that you were expecting? For celebs, it goes something like this. For the rest of us mere mortals, it comes down to an email or Facebook post. But that wouldn't cut for the Taylors.

According to an article in Today Moms, the Utah couple had been battling infertility and had already suffered a miscarriage. So when 26-year-old Jalene fell pregnant, she and Lincoln wanted something a little special.

“Infertility is a very difficult, emotional roller coaster. One of the things that helped keep our spirits up was thinking of fun ideas on how to announce our pregnancy when it finally happened,” said Jalene.

That something special turned out to be a parody of the "Swagger Wagon" ad for Toyota. The Taylors enlisted the know-how of videographer friend Nathan Pickett and shot their own rap after penning the lyrics to "Taylor Baby" over the course of a weekend. 

“At first it was really hard not to laugh while shooting the video. We kept having to start over because we felt so ridiculous,” Taylor said. "Once we got into a groove, we had so much fun. It is something I will always remember. I couldn't have asked for a better husband to do silly and fun stuff with.”

While the couple hoped to get a reaction from friends and family when they posted the video on Facebook, the attention hasn't stopped there.  

Congrats to the Taylors, whose baby is due in May.

How did you announce that you were expecting?