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The Black Magic of Photoshop

Don't believe everything you see...

photoshop and women's picture

Don't believe everything you see. That's the take-home message of this nano-clip called 'The Power of Photoshop' (via Upworthy) currently making waves. If you had any doubt whatsoever as to the sheer deception—I mean, magic—that happens to models during and after shoots, consider it ancient history.

All those billboards, magazine covers, and commercials have one thing in common: they are beautiful illusions. Even models who are naturally gorgeous in the flesh don't look half as perfect as they do after they have been worked and reworked by a army of skillful professionals. Don't believe me, check what this makeup genius can do to the average woman with a wave of his blusher-wand.

Watch, and unlearn everything you've ever been led to believe about beauty. Then play the video again, for your sister, your niece, your daughter and all her friends.