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WATCH: Halloween Treats Gone Wrong

The Scariest Scenario

bad halloween treats

What's the scariest Halloween scenario you can possibly imagine? If you're of a certain age, it's a celebration without candy. That's the brilliant setup behind a viral commercial that tricks unsuspecting tots into trying out 'healthy' snacks in lieu of their beloved teeth-rotting loot.

In the ad posted on Today Moms, a man doles out asparagus-flavoured veggie chews, tofu ghost mellows, artichoke buttercups, and delicious nori pops (two words that should never appear in direct succession.)

Predictably, the kids' reactions are priceless, if samey.  

“This is the most worst I ever tasted,” says one boy, while a girl tries hard to remain polite, but can't quite bring herself to follow through with it.

To their credit, the kids are game, giving the new treats a shot, even if most wind up ultimately spitting out the sugar-free alternatives.

Procter & Gamble, makers or Oral-B and Crest dental care products, is the culprit behind this clever commercial.

“The children’s reactions were absolutely natural and unscripted,” said P&G North America oral care marketing director, Rishi Dhingra. “We did not give the children any food items to sample with the intention of making them ill or causing any other adverse reactions … Participation was voluntary and all of the children were free to leave at any point if they wanted.”

Phew, that's a relief. Pass the jujubes... Don't miss this decidedly scarier Halloween prank.