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Dad Impersonates Daughter During Tantrum

Unfair antics or funny as hell?

dad mimic tantrum

Have you seen this latest video in which a dad mocks his tantruming daughter? Yes, it's making the rounds, but not everyone finds it amusing.

According to the blurb by mom Kathy Sterner on Laughing Squid, her 6-year-old daughter had been in her room "wigging out for about an hour." 

To add some comic relief to an unpleasant situation, dad started impersonating his daughter in the throes of her meltdown. Then, as is wont to happen in 2013, mom grabbed the camera-phone and shot the ensuing hysterics for the worldwide audience.

As parents, we need some laughs. Believe me, I get it. I'm not convinced they should be at your kid's expense, though, especially when she's obviously upset. (And an hour seems an awful long time to be upset. I feel for her.)

At least the little girl didn't view the impersonation or hear her family's collective mirth. But now that the video's public property, she may well see it. And in my books, that's just not on.  

What do you make of the video: unfair antics or funny as hell?