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What Does Google Really Think Of Women?

Women need to...

women search on google

What does Google think of women? The UN has a fair idea, according to an article in TIME. In order to highlight global inequalities when it comes to gender, the organization has launched a powerful ad campaign based on data collected from the most popular items plugged into the search engine giant. 

Ever start to type a query only to have your search engine predict the rest of the text for you? Well, look what happens when Mister Google tries to finish the following sentence about women: 

Women need to...
  • be put in their place
  • know their place
  • be controlled
  • be disciplined

It's a stark contrast to the intended message: Women need to... be seen as equal.

So much for equality. Google exposes the ugly thoughts lurking in the minds of many.
Click to view the full series of ads in this brave new campaign.