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Cleavage At Work: How Much Is Too Much?

Can't Stuff 'Em In A Drawer till 5 o'clock

hiding cleavage

When it comes to cleavage, how much is too much in the workplace? That's the question raised in an article on Huffington Post. While women thankfully have plenty of options when it comes to office fashion, the politics of dress are still muddled. Even men aren't immune.

Some large-breasted women have argued that you can't just stuff them in a drawer and take them out again at 5 o'clock. But is there a line being crossed—and professionalism sacrificed—in how much boob is on show?

"In a corporate world, you want to stand out for your job success and not for your cleavage or triple Ds," says Protocol School of Texas etiquette expert, Diane Gottsman. "Because if you like it or not, when you are exposed, it sends a message." And, she claims, putting too much out there diminishes a woman's power.

Gottsman gets even more specific about what's appropriate in a corporate environment: two inches above cleavage. That means no cleavage line whatsoever should be visible. 

In fact, Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones once admitted to 'using' her cleavage to her advantage in a "male-dominated newsroom." But then she grew tired of the attention and ultimately underwent reduction surgery. 

Has your cleavage affected your career for better or for worse? Spill it.