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Couple Secretly Gives Birth In Luxury Hotel

A Scene out of a Tarantino movie

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What do you do when you're due to give birth and move house at the same time? Other than panic (that's a given), you check into the nearest luxury hotel, of course. At least that's what a Portland, Oregon, couple did when they found themselves in the said unenviable predicament a couple years ago.

According to an article in Mommyish, Kristen and Pippen Kingsbury fell in love with the USD $299 suite at The Nines. Kristen decided it was the perfect setting to bring her child into the world. Two hours into labour, their baby was born, and hotel staff were none the wiser. Until now.

Staff were alerted to a birthing video shot by the couple and posted to YouTube under the caption, Our Luxury Hotel Birth. Needless to say, the hotel was less than impressed and wouldn't have permitted the birth had they been informed of the couple's intent.

Birth is a gruesome business. Just ask my husband, who nearly fainted when he had to retrieve my labour CD from our birthing suite after the fact. It was like stepping into a scene straight out of a Tarantino movie. I wouldn't dream of inflicting that bloodbath on unsuspecting housekeeping staff. 

Who knows, if there's scope for this kind of hotel, then maybe a birthing hotel chain could also prove a great business venture. But to my mind, not getting permission from hotel staff is bad form at best.

What do you think? Is a hotel a viable alternative to those not wanting to labour in their own homes?