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Giuliana Rancic's Surprise Post-Cancer Lifestyle

Life is to be enjoyed

guiliana rancic

Incredibly it's already been two years since Giuliana Rancic fought and won her war against breast cancer. But instead of being more preoccupied with a healthy lifestyle, the Fashion Police star has thrown caution to the wind. 

"Life is to be enjoyed, not to be spent in the gym every day and not to be counting your calories," Rancic said.

According to an article in People, the 39-year-old admits that she's become more lax about diet and fitness.

"What's so funny is I've changed it quite drastically, the way I live and what I eat and how I exercise, but the opposite way you would think," she said. "Before I got the breast cancer I was actually pretty diligent about my diet and what I ate and I tried to eat very healthy foods and whole grains and tried to exercise every day."

While some people become more scrupulous about their health after surviving cancer, others take Rancic's approach that life is too short to live the Hollywood way.  

"On my way here I ate a sandwich in the car; I eat lots of bread and different things and I don't exercise as much." Rebel.

Good for her. Sad that it took a brutal disease to bring Rancic to this realization, though... 

If you had survived cancer, do you think you'd become more, or less, health conscious?