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Kids Urged to Create LinkedIn Profiles

Competition in the Job Market is Rife

kids on linkedin

The pressure on children to succeed is enormous. But at what age should kids start eking out their professional presence to get a leg up—eighteen? sixteen? Keep going...

According to an article in the BBC, the career networking site LinkedIn has allowed kids as young as 13 to create profiles with a view to kickstarting their future job prospects.

By that age it's assumed that children already have a handle on social media and are well versed in technology. So why not extend that presence to LinkedIn?

Admittedly, in fiscally tight times competition in the job market is fierce, and set to stay that way. So at what age should the next generation start thinking and planning for the future, assuming that future entails leaving home and becoming financially independent?

Advisers suggest kids start building an online presence, and it certainly doesn't hurt to be mindful of every single item posted online, since employers and recruiters do plenty of their research via Google. In too many cases, careers and reputations have been irreparably damaged by an unthinking moment online.

When it comes to laying the groundwork for a successful career, is 13 too young, or the earlier, the better?