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Disturbing Photo Shows Young Woman Aiming Gun at Toddler

Do You Recognize This Woman?

woman pointing gun

Who is this woman, and what in Gaga's name she doing aiming a gun at a child's head? An anti-domestic violence blog is trying to get at the truth behind the viral photo by mass-sharing the distressing image, which originally was posted on an Argentinian Facebook page. 

According to an article in the Huffington Post, that page has since disappeared, but the speculation and concern surrounding the image continues. While it could be a sick hoax, it could be that the child pictured is genuinely at risk. 

"Apparently there is no Facebook account that it came from so I've no idea as to how we find this little baby," reads a post on the No More Victims blog. "But if there is anybody on here or any of the pages that can help us to find this child please please do so."

The woman is likely to be in her her late teens to early 20s, while the child is thought to be between one and two years old.

Even if the gun in the photo is not real, the threat is, as anyone immature and irresponsible enough to strike that pose certainly warrants investigation.

The internet has turned the world into a very tight-knit community. And at times like these, that's a definite upshot. So let's band together to track down and identify this young woman and child... 

I realize it's virtually impossible to police social media sites. But it seems mindboggling that while Facebook races to block images of breastfeeding mothers, it allows pictures as distrubing as this one and pages like this to exist on its site. 

Since personal data is stored long after users delete their accounts, doesn't Facebook shoulder a responsibility to work with authorities to trace users who post pictures like this?