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Mom Laments Having Twins

We only wanted one

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Twins. Double the work, double the pleasure? If you are of the opinion that children are a blessing no matter how many sacs they come in, then this post will likely rub you the wrong way. A couple has recently opened up about their disappointment upon discovering that they were expecting not one but two babies. The mom recently attempted to justify their reaction in an article in the Huffington Post

The couple underwent IVF, hoping to give their three year old a sibling. What they weren't expecting was twins. And the news that there were two embryos hit them hard, stealing their joy and replacing it with a sense of doom.

Even though doctors implanted two embryos, no one expected both to turn out healthy. So they transferred both, knowing the "success rate of just one implantation was 40 percent." Then the anon mom describes her reaction upon hearing that she was carrying healthy twins, as "dazed and unhappy." In her mind, she "had done nothing less than ruin our family."

Sure, many of us are somewhat disappointed if we were hoping for a boy and get a girl or vice versa. But that disappointment typically lasts a nanosecond before you realize how absurdly lucky you are to have a healthy child to love and call your own. 

In this mom's case, doubly so, since falling pregnant in itself was a hurdle. Yes, she feels like "shit pretty much all of the time physically." Well, join the masses. Most moms know sickness in pregnancy is the price you pay, the effect of all those monstrous changes happening to your body. Besides, pregnancy is not forever. Some love it; others loathe it. But it's a means to an end, and a worthy one at that.  

The mom goes on to mourn the financial burden of twins. (This, from a family that was able to afford IVF treatment, a luxury in itself.) She blames karma for delivering this burden.

Clearly her mindset is at fault. Let's hope she gets the right therapy to help her "see the light at the end of the tunnel," before her children are born into a life of resentment. There is no shame in feeling depressed, but there is shame in letting mental illness go untreated. 

Do you think this mom is suffering from maternal depression or just lacking in gratitude?