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Syrian Father's Moving Reunion With Child

Grab Your Kleenex

reunited with son

Hope you've got your tissue at the ready. Footage emerging from truly harrowing circumstance in Syria shows a tot being reunited with his dad, who had assumed his son had been killed in the recent chemical attack. 

According to an article in the Daily Mail, the seven-minute clip was apparently filmed in the southwestern town of Zamalka. The father is so bewildered and faint that several men attempt to hold him back as he moves to greet his toddler. 

The reunion is so fraught with emotion that the boy is briefly removed until the father can collect himself to embrace his boy. 

I don't speak Arabic, but I understand the language of this video: a parent's love for their child transcends all barriers. 

Since it was posted, the footage, discovered by The Washington Post's Max Fisher, has been viewed more than 430,000 times.

As the Mail points out, this reunion is a "bright spot in an otherwise bleak situation." 

Our hearts go out to all the residents affected by the chemical attack, whose casualties (said to be around 1,700) included many children who died while they slept.

Here's hoping peace finds its way to this area...