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New 'Evidence' Emerges in Princess Diana Death

the SAS And the secret diary

princess diana

Conspiracy theories die hard. You've got Elvis and JFK. And of course the posthumous grandmother of HRH baby George, Princess Diana. New 'evidence' regarding the deaths of Lady Diana and Dodi Fayed almost 16 years ago has been presented to the UK's Scotland Yard.

According to the article in the National Post, information has surfaced alleging that the pair were in murdered by a member of the British military, and the Yard is said to be "scoping [the information] and assessing its relevance and credibility."

A dossier of a former solider was provided to the Royal Military Police by the soldier's in-laws, referencing both the SAS and Diana's “secret diary.” 

Scotland Yard insists it is not reopening the original investigation, known as Operation Paget, but it is certainly taking the lead seriously and if it proves substantial, could prompt a full inquest. 

In 2006, the Paget investigation concluded that the Princess’s death was caused by substantive injuries resulting from negligent driving when her Mercedes crashed in a Paris tunnel after being pursued by paparazzi photographers. 

Curious to hear more about this latest 'evidence,' or should this tragedy be laid to rest once and for all?