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Little Cuties Emulating Pop Icons

Jimi Hendrix—Adorable?

child dressed like marilyn monroe

Talk about doppelgangers. If this spitting image series amazed you, consider this latest montage—of kids posing as icons. While they hold no familial relation, or even resemble the celeb they are impersonating, the effect is no less gush-worthy. Or as the Huffington Post puts it, never has Jimi Hendrix looked so "adorable."  

The photography by April Maciborka features not only the (arguably) best guitarist of all time, but other famous players of musical pop culture, from Madonna to David Bowie. And who doesn't remember dressing up as their favourite pop star when they were young? I have fond memories of cutting all the fingers from a white glove like You Know Who, and using a khol eyeliner to fake a beauty spot above my lip like So And So. (And hey, if you do happen to look like a ridiculously famous person—as does this guy—it wouldn't be right not to capitalize on it, right? Sadly, that tactic hasn't worked for me yet.)

The best part about the shoot: the kiddos show as much character as the larger-than-life stars they're emulating...Which one is your favourite?